Fiche 77, exercice 4 (page 163)

  1. I first discovered I was going deaf about twenty years ago. | For some time before that | I'd been aware that I was finding it increasingly difficult to hear what my students were saying, | especially in seminars, | with anything from twelve to twenty of them sitting round a long table.

    David Lodge, Deaf Sentence, 2008

  2. This place is exactly like your home or mine. | Expensive furniture, | servants everywhere, | boring food and unlimited drink.| We can eat all our meals here, | get our mail, | read the newspapers, | take a nap and, if we get too drunk, | fall into a cab. | We can even get a bed for the night. | The only difference between an Englishman's club and his home is | that there are no women in his club.

    Ken Follett, A Dangerous Fortune, 1993