Fiche 9, exercice 1 (page 27)

  1. I loved him. Did you love him? I did not love him.

  2. I met her every day. Did you meet her every day? I did not meet her every day.

  3. He spoke slowly. Did he speak slowly? He did not speak slowly.

  4. You ate too much. Did you eat too much? You did not eat too much.

  5. They taught English. Did they teach English? They did not teach English.

  6. They agreed. Did they agree? They did not agree.

  7. It cost $10. Did it cost $10? It did not cost $10.

  8. They travelled. Did they travel? They did not travel.

  9. He ran well. Did he run well? He did not run well.

  10. He sang beautifully. Did he sing beautifully? He did not sing beautifully.

  11. I thought so. Did you think so? I did not think so.

  12. She felt sick. Did she feel sick? She did not feel sick.

  13. He fell. Did he fall? He did not fall.

  14. It rose at 6. Did it rise at 6? It did not rise at 6.

  15. She cried. Did she cry? She did not cry.

  16. He preferred not to come. Did he prefer not to come? He did not prefer not to come.

  17. She read every day. Did she read every day? She did not read every day.

  18. They drank tea. Did they drink tea? They did not drink tea.

  19. He lost. Did he lose? He did not lose.

  20. He chose the best. Did he choose the best? He did not choose the best.