Fiche 78, exercice 4 (page 165)

  1. Norman: If that's the way it is. Don't talk to me. I don't care. I don't know why you're all being so unsociable. All right, I had a few drinks last night. What's wrong with that? Hasn't anyone round this table ever had a drink then? Come on, I don't believe it. You've had a drink, haven't you, Reg? Ha-ha! Caught you. You spoke.

    Reg: No, I didn't.

    Norman: Ha-ha! Three to me. I've won. Is it too much to ask for something to eat? (No response.) It's too much to ask for something to eat. (He gets up and moves down the table and takes the cereal bowl that Sarah isn't using.) May I borrow your bowl? That's awfully nice of you. And your spoon? Thank you. Now then, what shall I have? (Examining cereal packets.) Puffa Puffa rice. Ah-ah… (He returns to the top of the table, sits and fills his bowl.) No Sunday papers. Dear, dear. Ah, well I shall have to read my morning cereal… (He laughs.) Cereal. Do we all get that? Apparently we don't.

    Alan Ayckbourn, Table Manners, 1973